Our Approach, Providing The Best Version Of Your Business

We use all that we know about all the different social media, and then incorporate what we know about SEO.  This is to ensure all of your content visible to anyone searching for your business.  The search engines are only trying to give the best possible experience to anyone using them.  They do this by choosing sites with the best content and the most media. We know that a mix of your very own content, your patent and the newest viral content will boost your credibility by being “in the know” on the most relevant content.  But adding the mix of your very own content will also allow your customers to know how genuine, sincere and passionate you are about what you do by providing them the best version of your business!  Most importantly our writers and creative team come up with new content.  Ultimately that is our business so you can do your business.

The search engines will crawl all your media, and we know how to make that content visible.  That isn’t enough though.  We make sure all of your content is engaging, relevant, relatable, making the best version of your business. MOST importantly we capture YOU!  Using original/organic content and NOT stock photos.  We use the best equipment, and even network, with actors/actresses for voice as well as other professionals in digital marketing to give you the best version of your business!

Our Story

Great rewards investing in people

Da Vinci Productions and Da Vinci Home building people, businesses and serving our community.

Da Vinci Productions is a proud member of Da Vinci Recovery Inc.  Da Vinci Home LLC is a transitional home for recovering addicts/alcoholics.  The members of Da Vinci started promoting other businesses in the community in hopes of opening job opportunities for those in recovery.  You know what we discovered?  WE WERE DARN GOOD AT IT!  Therefore we started networking with others, doing events, and pretty soon we realized that we had a staff, and a willing team of people who were eager to learn, new software, be creative, innovative and reinvent themselves in the digital world.  Consequently we now have a three front system that eliminates the need to outsource anything to India!  We intern people in recovery and give them opportunities to grow in a field with many more opportunities.  We then pay that all forward in savings to our customers!

Meet the Team


Creative Director

Angelique is our creative director.  It is her primary goal to bring to the digital world the image YOU have in mind for the best version of your business.  Using the best equipment and software is only a small part of what the creative team will bring.  It is our business to know how to give you the look you want.  Moreover, we add ideas and innovation to your dreams.  Equally important on our more aggressive marketing campaigns, we will design and script campaigns that are effective and get results.  With her start in the auto industry, Angelique moved on to call centers for Global 500 companies, in the solar industry and to local pressure washing companies.

Video, picture and written

We have a passion for helping people express their ideas in the most compelling and inviting ways resulting in the best version of your business.



Business Development Manager

As your business development manager, it is Lissi’s duties to consult and structure the strongest most effective marketing plan based on your plans for growth.  Furthermore, behind the scenes she will make sure that all all of your content is relevant and viewable by the analytics of the most used search engines.  As an SEO expert, she ensures that her team is constantly devising new strategies to work with the newest analytics, so none of your content and media is wasted.  Lissi has worked as a legal assistant for many years and never misses a detail that will provide your business the advantage.  She was also a pole dancer. Are you still reading?  (obviously the creative team is responsible for the website.)If this makes it past the SEO team, they obviously thought it was funny too.

Content is key

With experts in SEO we are able to make sure the search engines find your content, which makes sure your customers find the you.

Read more… certainly there are more “Easter eggs” to come.



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