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Every social media platform has its own analytics to ensure users are getting the best experience based on the reasons they use that forum.  Everyone knows that businesses are marketing themselves by utilizing Facebook, but the general person on Facebook uses this platform to keep in touch with friends and share their own lives.  Organic original content that is captivating and actually about you and your business, is going to get more views, and more reactions.


Pinterest is where businesses and people get together to share their “secret sauce”.  Businesses that are not shy and not afraid to give their followers all the information they need to go do it themselves are usually the most successful.


Our current favorite is Instagram.  Instagram is incredibly diversified and you are able to give your followers many opportunities to get familiar with your brand. This forum is perfect for repeated brand recognition.  Having a consistent message and image will make you the most successful.


Using Twitter takes some confidence because that is what this platform is all about.  Getting vulnerable and sharing with the world why you do what you do. Those who have strong social agendas and are willing to share the message will find this community very rewarding.


We love Google Plus!  With an almost altruistic feel, the more you give to Google Plus the more it gives back.  By putting your business out there in this community you are also making the community more friendly for other users by providing your own review of other businesses.  You can review other businesses as your business and also share your news and insights with the local community.  This is a great platform for those industries who give service locally.


The matrix for this forum demands that you not only have content but even more so have good well produced content, content that shares exactly what you do and how you do it.  Your video content is only half of what is needed to be successful. Sharing your resources and research are just as important.

There Many More Media

From Task Rabbit and Thumbtack to professional LinkedIn and for fun,  we consult with you to create an epic online presence that will make your business successful.  We understand how and when to use social media and combine that with SEO tactics that make all of your content efforts reach their full impact in each of these communities.

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Business Development Experts

Whether you are a start up business or you are an established business looking to expand, we consult on a growth plan that is right for your budget, as well as your time and resources.  If you are looking to get your name out there or build and E-commerce business, your business needs SEO.  What ever the challenge is, our business development manager can help you find more employees, less expensive resources, determine passive as well as aggressive marketing campaigns based on your business needs.  Everything from graphic design, logo design, printables, website design, and social media profile design, are just a few things that our business development managers will facilitate for you.

Because you can do anything but not everything
With your business in mind

Search engines demand strong content and your business demands you. Let us take care of your search engine.

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Creative Direction

Yes, there are trends in social media.  Most businesses do not like having to keep up with the trends, therefore we make it our business to know exactly what will be most relevant and how to use that to your advantage.  Our creative team is like no other. We will capture you and your product and service in video and picture.  Using the most professional equipment and software, we will let you and your business shine in the way you always wanted it to be seen.

Every detail, will be cutting edge and polished.  We will network with professional, actors/actresses and musicians as well as other professionals in the digital marketing world to give your business every access to the best productions.

Most importantly we will always produce organic content that will get attention and keep it.  Our creative team is constantly keeping ahead of new software, and new trends to give you freshest look available.

Inspiring content

Being relevant not only gives your business a fresh look but also inspires.

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A Social Media Marketing Company With A Social Agenda

Every business is unique.  And Every Digital/internet marketer is different.  But what makes Da Vinci Productions Radically different is:

  1. We are a social media company with a compassionate social agenda.  As a member of Da Vinci Recovery Inc, we hire and intern addicts/alcoholics in recovery.  Men and women in recovery are offered opportunities to learn and grow with our company.  After all recovery is a new way of life!
  2. Our cutting edge advantage is understanding that stock photos won’t cut it.  We take actual footage of your business activities and create incredible ads and content for your website and other medium.
  3. Just like our photos, the video and written blog content will be entirely organic and original, that is how we treat every customer.  We consult, manage and cultivate what we hope will be a long term relationship with you. In addition we share with you a plan and path for marketing success based on your current budget and growth plans.
  4. Most noteworthy is that we can are able to handle all of your marketing needs from aggressive call campaigns, to email blast campaigns and printables, not just internet and social media marketing.
  5. You have heard it before, that companies have a passion for what they do, but here at Da Vinci Productions, you will see first hand our love for start up companies.
Recovery and social media

We love helping businesses and people grow!



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